The Haas Family
Our Family 
Hap, Allison, Sarah, Ty, Piper & Ritz
Harry Price Haas. Son of a Preacher man from Lower Alabama.
Allison Jane Haas. Farmer's daughter from Iowa? Not quite.
Sarah Elizabeth Haas. The sweetest little girl you've ever met, though I may be biased.
Tiberius Haas, nickname TyBeau, is your typical high energy, water loving Golden Retriever. He loves all people and he absolulty loves his tennis balls and darn near cries when one sinks in the lake. He is a super althete and will swim all day if you let him. He is a dramtic change after Gus, an incredibly intellegent, loyal, and protective Maremma Livestock Gaurdian dog.

Piper and Ritz
Our two cats came to us as Siamese looking kittens from my Aunt Betsy's creation Aid for Animals in Mobile AL. They started off looking like twins, but are now exact opposites. Piper is male and an outdoor explorer and hunter. He loves life and is incredibly resliant. Ritz is an overweight indoor female who is afraid of everything.

Check out Aid for Animals here:
Ty at Lake Hartwell