The Haas Family

Pronounced \ˈhāz\, like "haze" 

Short History
I'm Harry Price Haas, son of William Melvin Haas, Jr. (Bill) and Barbara Faye Price (Barbara). I have two siblings. My brother William Melvin Haas, III (Mel) and my sister Pamela Lynn Haas (Pam). I've trace the Haas name back to George Haas who we beleive came to the US from Germany in the early 1800s. When he arrived, our name was changed to Haas. I'm not sure what it was originally in Germany, but there are several speculations including Harse, Haase, Hause and others. Here's an incomplete sir name tree. 
In 1865, George Augustus Haas (my great great grandfather) and his half brother Frank Hemley formed a retail meat business called Haas & Hemley in Crichton Alabama near Mobile. Hemley sold his part to George a few years later. When George died in 1891, three Haas brothers (Frank Edward, William Oliver and George Robert) continued the business, changing it's name to Haas Brothers in 1896, and again to Haas Brothers Packing Company in 1914. When the Haas brothers purchased A. D. Davis Packing Company in 1921, they changed the name again to Haas-Davis. Haas-Davis continued to operate until falling into financial difficulties and finally failing in 1973. 
I still remember the great sausages and garlic bologna from my childhood.

Here is an Article from 1997.
This is my grandfather William Melvin Haas, Sr. with his wife Mary (Roach) and two sons Tommy and Bill.
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